Fee Schedule


Desert Legal Aid will provide, free of charge, an initial half hour consultation to determine if the client's problem is something Desert Legal Aid can assist with. At the conclusion of the free consultation, clients may then choose from one of our flat rate services, or they may choose to have Desert Legal Aid provide further assistance based on the following adjusted fee schedule.

The client's and spouses or domestic partner's gross annual income includes from all sources including investment and rental income.

Client's Gross Annual Income                        Hourly Rate

$0 - $18,210                                                                $0.

$18211 - $24,690                                                     $50.00

$24,691 - $31,170                                                    $80.00

$31,171 - $37,650                                                    $110.00

$37,651 - $44,130                                                  $140.00

Over $44,131 or more                                          $170.00

Flat Fee Services, including, but not limited to:



Power of Attorney                                                

Advance health care directive                                                                  

Transfer on Death Deed, including Notary and Recording          

Final Arrangement Document                          

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy                 

Deeds , including Notary and Recording      

Immigration Services

Small Claims Assistance

Additional paralegal services

This is a partial list of our services and fees. Please call Desert Legal Aid with any questions and for quotes.

Exceptions to Fee Schedule

Irrespective of the client's ability to pay or the  value of his/her assets, Desert Legal Aid shall provide and assist in the completion of the following statutory documents: Simple will, financial power of attorney, HIPAA release and advanced health care directive. These documents will be provided, and assistance will be given, at no cost to client. The Notary fee for the HIPPA Release and financial power of attorney is $15.00 each.