Our Services


Desert Legal Aid only assists with civil matters. No Criminal Matters are considered. Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

Estate Planning and Estate Services

Desert Legal Aid offers a wide range of estate planning services, including: Wills, Simple Revocable Transfer on Death (TOD) Deeds, grant deeds and Estate Administration services for estates up to $150,000. We also offer solutions and counseling to help individuals prepare for incapacity, including: Power of Attorney, HIPAA release forms, and Advance Health Care Directives. All Estate Planning Services are offered at Flat Fees per service.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you qualify, we provide debt-relief services including: preparing and filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petitions, representing clients in Bankruptcy Court and the preparation of reaffirmation agreements by our Bankruptcy attorney. We also have a  bankruptcy paralegal on staff who can help you through some or all of the steps of Bankruptcy at an additional cost. Bankruptcy is offered at a Flat Fee based on the number of creditors the debtor has.

Immigration Services

We offer the following in immigration matters: Spousal Petitions, Visa Renewals. Our immigration services are based on a low, flat fee.

Small Claims Assistance

Desert Legal Aid offers assistance with the preparation of small claim petitions and trial preparation. Our small claims legal aid services are based on our sliding fee schedule or billed at a flat rate, depending on services rendered.

Ending Domestic Violence

Desert Legal Aid provides assistance to domestic violence victims, assisting them in completing the forms to be filed for a Protective Order. Our domestic legal aid services are based on our sliding fee schedule


Government Benefits

For individuals and families qualifying as low-income and very low-income, as well as those who are homeless, Desert Legal Aid provides free assistance in applying for government benefits such as Social Security retirement, SSDI disability, Medicare/Medi-Cal, Healthy Families and U.S. Department of Veterans affairs benefits  for Veterans and their spouses. Our government benefits legal aid is based on our sliding  fee schedule.

Securing Access to Health Care

Desert Legal Aid helps individuals and families access essential health care services and insurance coverage. We provide information about health care options and rights, advice on pursuing appeals and grievances, materials about services and rights under various health care programs, referrals to other organizations when appropriate (i.e. Medicare/Medi-Cal, Health Families, County Medical Services for Indigents, Mental health Care, SSI, Veterans Benefits and Patient's Rights). These services are based on our sliding fee schedule, however SSA appeal hearing representation based on a low, flat fee.

Protecting Homes

Desert Legal Aid works to preserve and expand affordable housing and prevent homelessness by enforcing housing laws and regulations, including security deposit issues, 3, 30, 60 day notices, inadequate maintenance and repair of units by landlords. Tenants' rights legal aid is charged via our sliding fee schedule  

Notary Services

We have a Notary on staff and provide notary services by appointment only. 


Desert Legal Aid Cannot help with the following:

> Criminal Cases

> Class Action Law Suits

> Cases in which clients want to sue, or are being sued for money damages.

> Divorce, or any Family Law matters

> Unlawful Detainer

If we determine that we cannot assist you with your particular issues, we will attempt to refer you to an appropriate organization, agency or private attorney.